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This document including the IBO(Independent Business Owner) application overleaf, If fully completed, signed by the applicant(s) when duly accepted by Wellness Family Pvt Ltd. ("wellness family") constitutes the IBO Agreement ("Agreement") between Wellness Family and the applicant(s) who’s signature and other identification data appear overleaf.
Wellness Family offers Free Entrepreneurship to age’s "between" 18-65, Wellness Family reserves the right to reject any Free Entrepreneurship application at its own discretion.

  1. Wellness Family appoints the overleaf-Identified applicant(s) as a distributor of Wellness Family products and the applicant(s) (herein after individually and collectively referred to as the "IBO") accept(s) such appointment. IBO may on a non-exclusive basis, purchase Wellness Family Products from Wellness Family Pvt Ltd., To resell distribute and market in the territory of India.
  2. Relation between Wellness Family and the IBO and all his/her activities here under shall be governed, in addition to this agreement by the rules contained in the Wellness Family starter kit which includes the a) Wellness Family Business Plan b) Code of Ethics and rules of conduct(hereinafter collectively referred to as "official documents". The IBO conforms that he/she has received the copy of official documents and has read the terms and conditions thereof and agrees to be bound by them in addition to this agreement. Wellness Family may amend from time to time, any of the terms and conditions of the official documents through notice on its website. If any IBO does not agree to be bound by such amendment he/she may terminate this agreement with in 45 days of such publication by giving a return notice to Wellness Family. IBO’s continued relationship with wellness family would constitute and affirmative a)acknowledgment by the IBO of the amend and b) agreement by the IBO to abide and be bound by this agreement, Official documents and its modifications.
  3. IBO hereby confirms confirms that he/she has entered into this agreement as a independent contractor. Nothing in this agreement  shall establish an employment relationship, or any other labour relationship between the IBO and Wellness Family and nothing shall establish the IBO’s position as procurer, broker, and commercial agent, contracting representative or other representative of Wellness Family. When purchasing and selling Wellness Family Products, the IBO shall act as an independent vendor, acting in his/her own name ,at his/her own responsibility and his/her own account.
  4. This Agreement becomes effective from the date of acceptance by Wellness Family of the applicants contractual offer in the form of this fully completed IBO application form. Such acceptance shall be communicated by sending to the IBO,a IBO identification card or upon entering the particulars of the IBO in Wellness Family’s IBO database. The IBO identification card is and shall remain the property of Wellness Family and IBO shall return it to Wellness Family without any delay upon termination or expiration of this agreement.
  5. IBO shall not sell any Wellness Family product for a price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price.IBO may charge, at his/her discretion, any price that is lower than the Maximum Retail Price indicated on the label of any product or in any, then applicable, price list issued by Wellness Family.
  6. Wellness Family will make all payments on the account of returns or refunds through bank transfers /account payee cheques drawn in favor of Primary Applicant/Entity only.
  7. Co –Applicant/second Authorized Representative acknowledges that Wellness Family will deal exclusively with the Primary Applicant/First Authorized Representative in respect of all business matters, and also pay commission and/or any other incentives to and in name of the primary Applicant/Entity.
  8. The IBO hereby expressly authorizes Wellness Family to make available, release and disseminate all or part of the information set forth herein to other wellness family IBO and customers within or outside of the INDIA. The IBO’s agrees that he/she has read and understand wellness family’s privacy policy as published on in respect of the information set forth herein or any other information provided by the IBO to wellness family. The IBO agree to receive SMS and E-MAIL notifications from Wellness Family and its affiliates concerning their wellness family business.
  9. The IBO has to buy required Sales Volume Points to qualify and start sponsoring Free Entrepreneurship. Failure to qualify will result in automatic termination of this agreement.
  10. This agreement is effective for an initial definitive period of one (1) year, from the date of acceptance hereof by Wellness Family. However, in case of acceptance by Wellness Family of the Applicant’s contractual offer on or after September 1st  , this agreement will be effective till December 31st of the following year.
  11. Product Return Policy, Products been Returned should be done within 7days of Purchase, All Products should be Sealed & in Saleable Condition.*
  12. Does not apply to any Products Intentionally Damaged or Misused ( Conditions Apply*).
  13. The IBO may terminate this agreement at any time by giving the written notice to wellness family. Wellness Family may terminate this agreement by giving or a return notice(a)Pursuant to the provisions of the Rules of Conduct, (b) For reasons of non performance and (c) For the breach of any terms and conditions of this agreement.
  14. The IBO will be allowed to sponsor a prospect into the Wellness Family Business only after qualifying his/her business center. This agreement entered into on a personal basis and neither this agreement nor any of the rights or obligations of IBO arising under this agreement may be assigned or transferred without the prior written consent of Wellness Family.
  15. IBO and his family (including wife and children if any) can have One business centre with only one Account Number. Wellness Family reserves the right, at its complete discretion, to reject any application.
  16. Wellness Family’s liability, whether in contract, tort or otherwise arising out of or in connection with this agreement and /or relationship arising there from shall not exceed the lesser of a)actual damages or loss assessed by the arbitrator or any other dispute resolution mechanism adopted by the parties or, b)the total commission earned by the IBO during the preceding six months of the date of dispute.
  17. Wellness Family may reject this application for any reason, at its discretion, including if the application contains incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information. Any alteration or modification will be subject to verification.
  18. Any dispute, differences or claim arising out of as in connection with this agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration and shall be referred to the sole arbitrator appointed in accordance with the rules and regulations of International Center for Alternate Dispute Resolution as a fast track arbitration. The venue of such arbitration shall be at Bengaluru and the award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on all parties. The good at bengaluru shall alone have jurisdiction in relation to this Arbitration Agreement and any award arising there from.
  19. The Wellness Family Business owner agree to comply with Wellness Family Customer Product Refund Policy as laid down in the code of Ethics and rules of conduct for Wellness Family Business owner which are part of the Wellness Family Business Policy